Update on HDR merge in Lightroom

With Version 6 / CC Lightroom added two merge features. I’ve spent some time with both and am impressed.

The HDR merge function saves the round trip into Photoshop that I described in an earlier article. So, I took the -EV and the +EV exposures used for one of the examples in the earlier article and merged them using the new feature. I chose to use only the two extreme exposures to test the versatility of the merge capability. I was motivated by a comment made by Eric Chan, the Adobe engineer that has been working on these capabilities, during an interview with Jeff Schewe on Luminous Landscape’s Lightroom video series.

Anyway, here is the result:

Lightroom HDR Merge


Using the HDR merge feature is quick, and creates a DNG file that has the file name of the first image in the set with -HDR appended. Lightroom puts the file in the same folder as the originals and imports the merged image into the catalog. I did the test from a collection and Lightroom put the merged image into the collection as well.