Modifying light is a subtle art

I took three modifiers into the garage with Manny. Two have diffusion options. I placed the light above the camera about 8 feet from Manny and about 2 feet above my head.

The motivation for the test was to help me decide which modifier to use for a shoot later in the week.

The modifiers are a Fotodiox EZ-Pro 30″ octabox with inner and outer diffusion panels and a center deflector disk. The disk is similar to those used with a beauty dish to block light directly from the flash tube getting to the subject. There are images with both diffusion panels and also with none. Both have the deflector disk in place. There are two images with the Cheetah Quick Silver collapsible beauty dish. One has the front diffusion panel in place and one without. Both have the deflector plate in place. With the QS, as with most beauty dishes, the deflector is attached to stay in place all the time. The third modifier I used is a Paul C Buff soft silver PLM. I did not put the front diffusion panel on the PLM. I’ve found that the panel cause more light spread than I wanted for this job.

Its hard, looking at the five images together to pick which modifier was used. Clicking on an image will open a larger version with details listed, including the modifier used.

In my view one is not better than the others. They are different, but its subtle.