H1200 and the Sun

The H1200 head arrived yesterday and the flash tube arrived today so I thought I’d do a quick test to see how it performs in a sunlit situation.

The test images were made about 2:00p in Chicago so sun wasn’t blazing as it might be in the southwestern US or other places where it high in the sky and intense.

To make it easier for you to interpolate to your own situation I placed the head on a boom stand and measured 8 feet from the front of a standard 7 inch reflector to the tip of Manny’s nose. The camera settings are included below each image.

Even though the sun was on the background, the ambient exposure was relatively low. That meant that going to max shutter speed in HSS mode would nearly black out the background. It turned out that 1/8000 shutter speed resulted in under exposure for the full 1200 Ws. Then again, with a modifier on the light I’d always have it much closer than 8 feet. Also, a portrait modifier such as an octa would also reduce the light efficiency.