Comparing Collapsible Beauty Dish Options


Over the past year or so there seems to have been a lot of interest and new product offerings for what photographers are calling collapsible beauty dishes.

The recent introduction of the Westcott Joel Grimes variant caused a lot of fora traffic. I have 4 modifiers that fall into this general category and the Westcott product intrigued me enough to order it. When it arrive this afternoon I set up a quick test. Here are images for you to review and reach your own conclusions.

I put an H600 head on a light stand and attached an EXPLOR600 pack configured for TTL. I placed a Sony A7RII with a 70-200 F4 lens on a Tripod. I actuated the camera with a wireless remote. The light was triggered via an X1Ts controller mounted on the A7RII. FEC was set to zero. Shutter was 1/250 and ISO was 400. The result was an ambient exposure more than -2 EV. This ensure that the only light contributing to facial modeling was the strobe. The space to camera right was unobstructed for more than 20 feet so there was no useful reflective fill from the strobe. I used the edge of a rug as reference to ensure I was the same distance from the wall for each exposure and the frame of a window behind the camera to make sure I was at the same place relative to the light.

The four modifier were;

Glow HexaPop 24″

Westcott Rapid Box 24″ Beauty Dish

Cheetah 33 inch (85cm) QuickSilver Beauty Dish/OCTA

Pro Studio Solutions EZ-Pro 36″ Octagon Softbox

Here are the results in sequence; Modifier 1 with diffusion fabric; Modifier 2 no diffusion fabric; Modifier 2 with diffusion fabric; Modifier 3 with no diffusion fabric; Modifier 3 with diffusion fabric; Modifier 4 with no diffusion fabric; Modifier 4 with diffusion fabric.