The AD600 Remote Head

This is an accessory for the AD600 that adds a lot of flexibility.

Its light, probably less than 2 pounds without considering the cable. Its small, making it possible to install inside umbrella framed soft boxes.

I love these umbrella framed soft boxes, I have at least 6 of them in various sizes up to a giant 50 inch square box that probably is too heavy to use the umbrella holder on the head. I also have several of the Paul C Buff mini-boom arms. As shown in the image, these are perfect for creating offset to permit tilting the umbrellas framed box quite dramatically. They also work for the same purpose with the Cheetah (Godox) S bracket for speedlites and bar bulb strobes.

The small size and light weight make the remote head perfect for run and gun situations. Up until I got the AD600TTL I’ve used a CL360 or CL600 for these situations. The the AD600TTL as a pack/head kit is, in my view, the next step for on-location shooting. The majority of the weight can be put at the bottom of the stand to help stabilize and the whole thing can still be picked up and carried to another location. I am always shooting these gigs without an assistant so reasonable weight along with stability is a big deal.

Here is a shot of Manny using with the AD600 with remote head and Paul C Buff 12×36 foldable stripe box. The box has inner diffusion in place and a grid.

I oriented the box vertically to illuminate the full length of a standing subject without a lot of spill to the sides.




















The image on the right shows the lighting configuration. Putting the AD600 pack at the bottom of the stand adds significant weight where it will do the most good. The stand is a 10 ft Calumet. I generally use this sized stand when doing outside portraits for a couple of reasons. A) It collapses to a short enough length to fit easily into the trunk of a car or back of an SUV. B) Its tall enough to get the light a bit above the head of the subject so fill shadows look right. C) Its a reasonable weight. I don’t put large modifiers on the light. With the CL600ET the 12×36 box will be a reasonable modifier, even with a bit of wind. I have a DIY modifier that is light and delivers a lot of light. Modeled after the Elinchrom MaxiLite.



The image to the right shows how the stand base can be collapsed without unattaching the pack in its carry bag. I have a large velcro strap holding the bag to the vertical base. I do the same thing with the battery pack for a CL360. This permits the pack to slide up and down the tube when the legs are collapsed or extended.  The CL360 battery doesn’t weigh too much so it is an easy process. The power pack for the AD600 is substantially heavier. While that helps stabilize the stand, it does make it tougher to raise the legs into a collapsed position. And, its quite a bit heavier carrying it over the shoulder. It may be that the best thing to do is use the shoulder strap for carrying the pack between locations. Its still a quick operation to attach it to the base of the stand once its setup.










The image below illustrates the relative size of the AD600 remote head and a CL360 in an S bracket. The mini-boom is also useful for moving the S bracket away from the stand to make tilting easier with a modifier mounted.

I am comfortable putting a remote head, with a reasonable modifier, on a 10 ft stand. Something I would be reluctant to do with the AD600.

Here are two other options that become available to me with the remote head. The grip arm option will work on a 10 foot or 13 foot stand providing its not too large a modifier and the arm isn’t extended out too far. The boom stand option will take a larger modifier and more extension because it can be counter balanced with a sand bag. The base on the stand is relatively wide and can be sandbagged. The best, and most secure stand for booming is still a C stand but they are heavy.













Modifier options:

There are lots of sources for soft boxes and other modifiers with Bowens S mount adapters. Cheetahstand has several, as mentioned, start with the QS series HERE.

Fotodiox has a selection of EZ-Pro soft boxes that have an umbrella type mechanism to make them quick and EZ to setup and collapse HERE. One word of caution, if you get the EZ-Pro boxes, get the Bowens S mount adapter from Cheetahstand. The EZ-Pro adapter ring places the flash tube about a 1/2 inch farther back in the box. Which I think is detrimental to good light from the modifier.

Adorama has a series of Glow ParaPop boxes that are light, easy setup and collapse and some come with Bowens S adapter, others you can buy it as an accessory. HERE is an example.

And, Paul C Buff foldable soft boxes will take a Bowens S adapter. HERE.