CL600ET modifier mount modification

In my view, getting the flash tube into a modifier is better than having it in a tunnel behind the modifier.

That’s been my only misgiving about the Bowens S mount. Many of the adapter rings available for modifiers are so deep that the flash tube is in the adapter ring rather than the modifier. When I was looking at the CL600ET head it appeared as though the Bowens S mount was attached to a backing plate similar to some other bowens S mount adapters I’d seen for speedlites. I know I had one somewhere. I went digging and found it. On closer examination it looked like the Elinchrom mount on the speedlite adapter I had would fit on the back plate of the CL600ET. So, after some work with a screwdriver and pliers I had the Bowens S mount off and the Elinchrom mount installed. No need to do any modification to the CL600ET head or backing plate. Even the mounting screws matched between the two mounts.

Next was to see how much improvement there might be. Here are 4 different Bowens adapters I have for various modifiers. And, an Elinchrom adapter I have for Buff foldable soft boxes.

Upper left is the adapter that comes with the Cheetahstand QS collapsible beauty dish. It turns out to be shallow and results in about the same bulb placement. Good news for me compared to the Elinchrom. The top right is an adapter I have for the Buff foldable soft boxes. It too is relatively shallow and keeps the bulb in about the same position as with the Elinchrom adapter and mount.  The bottom image is the adapter that comes from Fotodiox for its EZ-Pro soft boxes. It is deeper and his about half an inch more bulb. The good news is the Cheetahstand adapter is the same outer diameter as the Fotodiox adapter so its easy to change and get the benefit of its shallowness.

The other reason I wanted to see if an Elincrhom mount could be fit on the CL600ET was to take advantage of tube centering capabilities available with the Paul C Buff PLM mount. That will make it easier to center the CL600ET head in PLM or a large parabolic modifier.