My Super TTL Speedlite

One challenge when shooting outside on a sunny day is getting enough light into the shady areas while keeping the overall scene reasonably well exposed.

There have been TTL speedlites available for years. The problem is that they struggle to provide sufficient light outside, especially when the sun it out. There have been strobes available for years. They offer sufficient light, but require one to be constantly monitoring power settings to keep a desired balance between the ambient and the strobe. Until recently, its been a choice and a compromise. This past Sunday I had a first chance to try my “Super Speedlite”. Its a 600Ws battery powered strobe that has TTL firmware. Its controlled from the camera via a trigger that permits adjusting Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) and supports High Speed Sync (HSS) if I want to open up the aperture and exceed the x sync shutter speed limit.

Vikki and Todd decided on a casual ceremony at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool at Lincoln Park. It was a beautiful sunny day. Thus a perfect opportunity to put my “Super Speedlite” to work. Godox had introduced the AD600 earlier this spring and released a Sony compatible X1T controller/trigger earlier in May. I’d been testing the X system so now it was time to put it to work.

Here are a few images from the afternoon. Including a pull back shot showing the light to give an idea of how far away from I could place it. I had a standard 7″ reflector mounted. I also used the optional remote head. This permits attaching the body of the light at the base of the stand to add stability to the setup. The camera was set to Av mode. Depending on the shot Exposure Compensation (EC) was set between 0 and -1. The AD600 was in TTL with -.7 FEC set.