Godox firmware upgrade instructions, installation tips

(This is a Google translation from the Word file that downloaded with the AD360II firmware update on the download website (4-11-2016)

1, this software can be used in Windows XP (32bit OR 64bit), Windows 7 (32bit OR 64bit) system operation, theory can support other versions of Windows (not tested).

2, when run on a Windows 7 system, such as prompt need to use run as administrator, please use right click on the software icon and select “run as Administrator”.

3, please close other applications before you install application software, especially antivirus software.

4, version number, viewing method: boot after holding down the “Zm/C.Fn” button 2 seconds, enter the C.Fn menu.

Right corner display Ver x.x version number.

Second, install the application download and upgrade the firmware after the application, double-click the application icon (pictured), follow the instructions in the wizard to install. Note: during installation, if prompted to install Java applications, install (if already installed please click “don’t install”).

Run the upgrade firmware applications in a Java environment.

Three, firmware upgrade


1, running after software has been installed, shown below.


2, disconnect the connection to the PB960

3, glinting through a USB cable connection firmware upgrade USB port and the computer USB port.

If it is a firmware upgrade for the first time, Windows prompts you to install Godox_usb drivers, perform.

4, according to the figure of the “Start” button, the firmware upgrade.

5, upgrade success screen:


6, if failed, please Reseat the lamp on the USB cable, and return to the 3rd step.


version release notes update
V2.3 1, resolve compatibility issue with camera 1DX; 2, increased modeling Flash function (long press the wireless button for 2 seconds or X1 trigger Flash)


V2.4 1, wireless interference, adjust the channel frequency of CH9/CH 12/CH15/CH18/CH21/CH24/CH27/CH30, the 8-port is not compatible with the old version, please upgrade related equipment.


V2.5 1, addressing X1C (V10), rear curtain synchronization