Exploring B&W

As a young photographer I enjoyed walking around the city, exploring for visually interesting details and photographing them on Tri-X film. Often I make these explorations with a Hasselblad. I’d then make prints on a contrasty Agfa paper, doing some burning and dodging to suit the image.
I’ve decided this summer is a good time to resurrect the practice with a digital platform.  This gallery is where I’ll put the images as they accumulate.

First I wanted to find a processing method in Lightroom that is close to my recollections of how the prints looked. I found a Tri-X B&W emulation preset, then created a tone curve with a relatively steep mid-range and fairly fast rolloff in toe and shoulder. I also applied a grain mix that looks similar to my recollection of the Tri-X grain with 120 roll film.

The initial images I used for creating the develop settings are from a walk around the yard looking for interesting details.