Longer and Longer Exposure Time

The GFX50s has the ability to set the shutter to a specific time, up to 60 minutes, when its set to T on the shutter dial. I have a set of ND filters that I wanted to try with the GFX50s to see how the shutter setting capabilities would work with longer and longer exposure times. This gallery is the result of the experiment. The first image was made at the camera meter reading. Then with an 3 EV ND filter; then 6 EV ND; then 9 EV ND; then 9+3EV and finally 9+6+3 EV. The final exposure was 900 seconds according to the EXIF. The shutter readout said 15 minutes and it counted it down on the LCD and closed the shutter when the time was up. It followed the same process for each filter. What was nice, from my perspective, was being able to mount a filter, then just use the thumb wheel to dial the exposure to 0EV on the scale. No need to do any mental or other arithmetic.